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Blast Resistant Specification

Blast Resistant Specification
Ballistic Resistant Specification

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1-1/2” Blast Solution for GSA Low Load, 4 psi @ 28 psi Impulse

Module Unit - Size:   9’-4” Wide x 9’-4” Long x 9’ High

Completed basic overall outside dimension of the liftable enclosure as listed above.

The enclosure to be constructed in unitized form and shall be fully welded, utilizing tubular steel products.

The unit superstructure will consist of ASTM A 500 Grade B tubular steel stock for the base vertical cradle and for the lifting crown framework.

Unit will have crane lifting lugs fully welded at reinforced vertical members.

The door openings to have a vertical subframe of 4" tubular steel to prevent deflection, displacement, and twisting of the steel doors and frames.

Finished door frames to be welded to the subframe members.

Wall system to be utilized within the 6" tubular steel panel superstructure to be CID wall panel.

Exterior wall panels to be Mil-tough® ICB panel technology which will be fastened to the steel superstructure.

Interior wall panels (Mirawal) to be 22 gauge steel sheet with vitreous porcelain enamel finish bonded to fire rated 1/2" gypsum board panels with galvanized steel subassembly framing. The Mirawal solution has been validated as a Spall Layer acceptable material.  Equivalent to a polyurea spall  layer interior coating.

The 6" wall system to contain no insulation materials per ICB Technology energy absorbing deflection requirements.

Thermal Insulation R values of the ICB panel are presently being tested.

Wall components shall be assembled into a rigid construction and will be free of exposed screws, fasteners, or rivets.

The industrial quality porcelain enamel finish steel hard wall panels are extremely rugged, nonchalking, corrosion resistant, and maintenance free.

These panels can be used as dry marker boards, projection screens, and/or magnetic boards.


The unitized tubular steel framework is designed for and will accommodate recessed structural steel channels inside the lifting crown framework.

These subframe channels shall be welded  to the roof panel superstructure.

A 10 gauge carbon steel load bearing roof shall be placed and fully seam welded (continuous) at panel junctures and at the structure periphery.

Load bearing roof deck shall be securely plug or stitch welded to the substructure channel and structural crown members.

The completed roof material system shall include the ICB 1-1/2” blast panel solution sandwiched between steel plates. The roof system is in excess of GSA Low Load requirements. (The ICB roof panel protection may be removed upon request based on threat level assessment)

Roof decking and overhang to be chemically cleaned, fully primed, and finish coated with an alkyd resin industrial enamel coating.

The completed roof system is weather and water tight.


Floor framing materials to consist of tubular steel perimeter base members and structural steel C-channels at on centers, located to support exterior undercover as well as the finished floor system.

Steel C-channels are to be welded to the unit superstructure tubular steel base.

The exterior steel undercover of ¼” steel plate to be utilized as base protection for the structure.

Interior finished floor of the structure to be 1/4" steel plate with 250 psf design.

Area between the interior and exterior floors to have 2" mineral fiber insulating material, securely fastened to the understructure of the finished floor system.

The fire resistant, mildew proof insulation is inert and will provide both sound and thermal protections.

One exterior door to be supplied with the enclosure at the entry to be 1-3/4" blast resistant design to withstand GSA Low Load. Each unit to be furnished as per drawings with all operating hardware, including hinges, keyed lockset with interior threshold, and weather stripping.

A finished ceiling of 10 gauge plate will be coated with an alkyd resin industrial enamel coating.


One window unit provided in the building to be blast resistant to GSA Low Load design and sized for a 20” x 30” opening.


All surfaces receiving coating shall be properly prepared as per paint manufacturer's specifications prior to the application of the first prime coat.

 As standard, structural steel members, doors, frames, and exposed components not having factory prefinished coatings to be furnished with one prime coat and two finish coats of an industrial low VOC alkyd resin enamel.

As an option, extreme temperature coatings, as well as catalyzed urethane enamels, are available for severe duty applications.

Paint color selection and accents to be as selected by the owner.  Corporate colors and company logos may be provided at no additional charge.



The CID state of the art liftable building shall be furnished with an integral electrical wiring system, including one surface mounted 12 circuit, 125 amp rated distribution panel.

The load center to accommodate a 240 VAC single phase owner supplied power system and three 120 volt duplex wall mounted receptacles with GFI protection where required.

One surface mounted 2' x 4' fluorescent light fixtures with four tube rapid start cool white bulbs and acrylic prismatic lenses, providing 70 foot candle illumination at 36" above the floor, to be provided.

Light fixtures to be controlled by wall mount control switch located on latching side of the door unit(s).

All wiring is to be installed as per NEC code and to be installed with surface mounted metal conduit.

Independent electrical inspection certificate may be provided if requested.

One communication jack to be provided, prewired to surface mount box with cover plate within the module for plant interface.



Add one GSA Low Load door to building
Add one GSA Low Load window to building

Available Upon Request:

Door and window upgrades.
Third Party Blast validation report.
HVAC equipment pricing based on severe duty conditions.
Transformer and disconnects based on voltage and frequency requirements.
ICB Panel may be painted to suit desert environment and minimize weatherized discoloration.

730 Ekastown Road • (Route 228) • Sarver, PA 16055
Phone: (724) 353-0300 • Fax: (724) 353-0308