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Motor Control Center Integration

Incredible as it seems, CID Associates, Inc. has the technology and the experience to ship a one piece unit measuring 14 feet wide x 65 feet long x 11 feet high, weighing an unbelievable 80,000 lbs., in addition to 40,000 lbs. of the customer's sophisticated equipment (i.e., MCC, PLC, drivers, UPS, computers, desks, work tables), all installed.

Motor Control Center Integration

Equipment was wired and a simulated test of the running steel mill was conducted in CID's manufacturing facility. The unit was picked up and loaded onto a flatbed truck via a crane from the roof utilizing four roof mounted lifting lugs. Imagine the money saved by not doing this tedious work in a steel mill environment!

Pulpit with Restroom Facilities

On April 6, 1994, the people living in Weirton, West Virginia, awoke to the No. 9 Tandem Mill at Weirton Steel completely engulfed in flames. The Entry End Pulpit was completely destroyed! CID teamed with one of the major companies assigned to the tremendous task of restarting this mill in just over six months. CID Associates, Inc. was proud of its partnership and we helped to build a new Main Operator's Pulpit from time of order to delivery in just six weeks! After the pulpit was delivered, Weirton Steel requested that a separate, fully functional restroom be added on to the unit. This unit was built in two weeks, delivered to the site, and bolted to the pulpit. The state-of-the-art pulpit and restroom were both delivered and fully operational in eight weeks. Custom is our standard at CID Associates, Inc. Any size, shape, configuration, or multi-story liftable building will be delivered completely wired and fully assembled in the shortest amount of time possible. Let CID Associates, Inc. become your preferred vendor. We our constantly being chosen for Competence, Integrity, and Delivery time after time.

Pulpit Restroom Integration