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CID Buildings, a leading portable shelters manufacturer, designs and manufactures liftable multi-story control pulpits, offices, and computer centers including modular shelters. CID Buildings manufactures prefabricated shelters, also known as prefab shelters, for all your needs and specifications. As prefab shelter suppliers, CID Buildings' prefab shelters assures years of dependable service and allows for relocation as needed. Contact our team experts for more information about our portable shelters.

modular shelters manufacturer

Prefab Shelter Suppliers

Each portable mobile shelter building incorporates a heavy-duty, continuous welded steel skeleton of 1/4" tubular steel. The exterior steel plate skin is continuously welded to create a weather-tight wall, roof, and floor sections. To the left and right of the main operator's viewing area are two airlocks. The airlocks on the modular shelters play an intricate part in reducing sound and controlling dirt and dust contaminants that may cause problems with computer equipment. The link below also highlights how CID Buidings assisted our customer by pre-installing an Operators Control Console and Motor Control Center. As leading portable shelters manufacturer, our team of experts is able to assist you in all your needs. These are some of the custom modular shelters we offer:

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