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Pulp and Paper Modular Buildings


Paper Industry Requirements

The pulp and paper industry supplies many products, from paper for printing catalogs, envelopes, cards, newspapers, and magazines to cardboard for storing industrial and consumer goods. Manufacturing practices may incorporate harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures, which means the sector is subject to stringent regulations. 

Customizable crane-liftable buildings from CID Associates enable companies to economically and expeditiously get the space needed to meet production targets while adhering to these guidelines. As a turnkey manufacturer of prefab buildings for pulp & paper, we have the technology and experience to meet specific regulatory and customer requirements. 

Your Pulp And Paper Industry Building Partner

Pulp and paper modular buildings are a fast and budget-friendly way to add space to a pulp and paper facility, whether for equipment storage, personnel housing, or operations and management. These structures are built in sections per client specifications at an offsite factory. Then, they're transported to the site for assembly.

 When partnering with CID Associates, rest assured knowing you'll get exactly what you need. Our prefab buildings for pulp and paper industry permit the addition of more room of practically any dimension directly to an existing warehouse. Or, they can create new space in a previously unutilized area with little interruption. Here are common uses for modular buildings we design and manufacture:  

prefab buildings for pulp and paper industry

The Noise Mitigation Experts

Pivotal to many pulp and paper applications is the paper baler, or baler press. It compresses and binds paper into solid bales, which are transported to other areas for further processing. While practical, paper baling can be very noisy. Without proper hearing protection, working near baling equipment can be hazardous. 

CID Associates specializes in manufacturing a prefab bale line control room for pulp & paper mills. Constructed from robust materials, it offers enhanced noise and vibration isolation as well as a long service life. Our control rooms can be manufactured in many sizes and last for decades. We utilize acoustically isolated panels, doors, windows, and other sound isolation materials. 

Furthermore, these prefab structures can be outfitted with plumbing and electrical features like sinks, receptacles, and air-conditioners. The result is a convenient, safe working environment for all operators. 

Industry-Leading Response Time

Integrating pre-engineered modular buildings into your pulp and paper operation is incredibly advantageous. Benefits of industrial crane-liftable buildings include: 

  • Cost-Effective and built to client’s specifications
  • Flexibility and reduced site disruptions
  • On-Demand Floor Space Expansion or Contraction with Consistent Quality
  • Environmentally Friendly with Improved Safety

The installation of crane-liftable modular buildings from CID Associates is quick and straightforward. The versatility of pre-engineered crane-liftable structures means less money and raw materials are allocated for building construction, minimizing expended energy and downtime. 

Buildings can be delivered and set up with minimal to zero impact on day-to-day site operations. In the pulp and paper industry, downtime is unacceptable.

Demanding Industry, Quality-First Mindset

Our team verifies all industry, client, and construction code requirements are met by partnering with knowledgeable engineers, architects, safety professionals, and independent third-party inspectors. All the modular buildings for pulp & paper industry applications we build adhere to the latest revisions of the following: 

  • International Building Code
  • International Mechanical Code
  • International Plumbing Code
  • International Energy Conservation Code
  • National Electrical Code

prefab bale line control room for pulp & paper mills

Let's Get Started

As a leading provider of prefab buildings for pulp and paper industry, CID Associates takes pride in helping pulp and paper industry clients get quality space quickly and affordably. Whether standard or custom, we can design, manufacture, ship, and install prefabricated modular buildings at your facility on time and within budget.

Feel free to contact us today for more information about prefab buildings for pulp & paper. Our team is happy to discuss your needs in greater detail.