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Modular Buildings Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Modular Buildings Frequently Asked Questions

CID Associates, Inc. is your go-to Modular Buildings company for all your prefabricated portable building needs. Check out these frequently asked questions below or contact us to learn more on all things modular buildings!

  • What are PLC Control Panels??

    PLC stands for a programmable logic controller and they are extremely efficient. These control panels are capable of higher output with less power consumption. These PLC control panel systems make it simpler to maintain systems and can decrease costs associated with various projects.

    • What Materials are used in PLC Panels?

      Painted carbon steel

      Stainless steel




    • What is an Electrical Control Panel?

      Having a control panel is necessary when a process or venue involves multiple operations or pieces of equipment utilizing electrical power. It creates a centralized location where these devices are regulated, streamlining workflows and minimizing risks.

    • Why do you need a Control Panel?

      Control panels provide a place where devices that control equipment using electrical power can be tied together. Uses range from monitoring industrial equipment to protecting wiring, circuits, and transformers from moisture and contamination.

    • What are MCC Control Panels?

      MCC stands for motor control center which consists of a feeder for motor and blower. These motor control panels are utilized in many industrial and commercial applications where some of all of the motors need to be controlled from a central location. MCC control panels from CID Controls can be manufactured to your specific needs or applications. 

    • What are Drive Control Panels?

      CID Controls utilizes all manufacture’s Drives in their control panels. We offer AC & DC drive control panels in accordance with quality standards and policies. These panels are used to maintain the flow of current across a circuit and power supply. Contact us to learn more about our AC & DC drive controls panels. 

    • What are Portable & Modular Cleanrooms?

      As your business expands, so will your requirements for modular in-plant offices, cleanrooms, supervisory pulpits, computer room installations and other dedicated multi-purpose portable structures. When plant space is at a premium, the answer is modular, liftable, stackable buildings and custom ergonomic designs by CID Steel Buildings.

    • What are Portable Prefabricated Guard Houses?

      Architects, engineers and designers rely on CID for everything from custom bullet resistant guard houses to weigh scale booths. In all cases, CID Steel Buildings offers a variety of custom, pre-manufactured, multiple-purpose steel structures which arrive ready to use for on-site assembly. Whatever the need, whenever you need it. These guard house prefabricated from CID buildings are extremely durable and useful for guardhouse applications.

    • What are Modular Computer Rooms?

      Space is potential. Potential for profit. CID gives you the power to adapt that potential to meet virtually any requirement. From computer rooms to control pulpits, CID products create the functional space configuration that's ideal for your application in the form of custom-designed steel structures that readily integrate with existing utility connections, ventilation and fixtures.

    • What are Mobile Substations?

      Utility service companies require switchgear stations to transfer power and communications between main branches. These remote relay locations require an integral concrete slab or aggregate stone pads.

    • Why are Portable Transformers used?

      CID Steel Buildings has the structural integrity to set our liftable buildings in remote locations. This helps the utility companies eliminate general construction logistics. Within just a few short hours, utility service and operation employees are able to begin cross-connecting and terminating wires and cables.

    • What are Blast-Resistant Modular Buildings?

      CID Steel Buildings, Inc. is an engineered-to-order manufacturing company with the technology and experience to complete turnkey Blast-Resistant buildings and Blast Proof buildings. CID’s blast-resistant & blast proof modules are able to withstand the concussive forces of blasts from explosions, extreme heat, flame, and smoke created by fires as well as excessive noise levels. This allows complete equipment protection and ensures worker safety.

    • What are the Blast Proof Requirements?

The CID/Proto-type liftable building has outstanding capabilities which include GSA high and low blast requirements, DOD Charge weight I and II, and with advanced design and increased ceramic panel thicknesses, Personal-Born Improvised Explosive Device (PBIED), and Vehicle Born Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) can be deterred. We have the ability to incorporate ceramic panel performance can be enhanced with aggregate strike face inclusions. The strike face improves capabilities and defends against NIJ 0108-01, UL 752, Stanag 4569, and EN 1063 various threat levels. Custom thicknesses to defend special threats are available upon request.