Prefabricated Modular Buildings

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CID’s Steel Building Division designs and manufactures Prefabricated Modular Buildings. All prefab structures utilize CID’s Trademark fabrication technique which incorporates Protected Cradle and Crown® construction. Witnessed in the photograph below is a three module building being separated for Quality Control and Pre-Shipment inspection.

Prefabricated Modular Buildings

Wide angle view highlights two bolted together modules of the three piece L-Shaped shelter. Customer’s equipment was preinstalled for a Marcellus Shale Gas Project. The equipment was pre-wired, inspected, and tested under controlled workshop conditions.

A testament to CID’s structural integrity is the suspended 56,000 pound module located in the aft section of the photograph, which is easily suspended by 4 lifting lugs, clevises, chains, and two bridge crane trolleys.

CID Prefabricated Modular Buildings

CID is uniquely positioned within the Modular Building Industry to apply our intellectual design properties. Once the Protected Cradle and Crown® has been welded together, the continuous welded structure creates a large physical steel diaphragm capable of lifting in excess of 156,000 pounds. When necessary, our steel band lifting technology contributes to safe and durable liftable modular installations. 

CID trademark

Let CID Associates Inc.’s Trademarked brass notification plate lead the way to your next successful Prefabricated Modular Building installation.


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